air-dropped nuclear bomb中文意思是什麼

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  • air: n 1 空氣,大氣。2 天空,空中。3 微風,和風。4 態度,樣子,風度,氣派;〈pl 〉高傲的架子。5 傳播,...
  • dropped: 落線的
  • nuclear: adj 1 核的,成核的;有核的。2 【物理學】原子核的;原子能的;原子彈的;核動力的。3 〈比喻〉核心的...
  • bomb: n 1 【軍事】彈,炸彈。2 【地質學;地理學】火山彈〈火山噴出的球狀熔巖〉。3 【醫學】(用於治療的)...

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  1. At the lead bombardier dropped his bomb, the pilots, observers and radiomen in the other planes shouted, " release !

    領炸員投下炸彈,其他各機的飛機員、觀察員、無線電員也都跟著大喊「投彈! 」
  2. Polonium is used to set off a nuclear bomb

  3. With my own ears i clearly heard the heart beat of the nuclear bomb

  4. Air dropped sonobuoy

  5. In2001, it carried out coordinative experiments in the overall support capability of logistical equipment organically and systematically ; developed logistical equipment in seven aspects - - rapid maritime rescue and treatment of the wounded, shore party support, air field support, mobility support for missile units, air - dropped material support, individual support and field logistics command ; and completed the demonstration, r & d and testing of 86 kinds of new equipment