albuminous glnads中文意思是什麼

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  1. Tranfusion tissue is present in the leaf of yew. it is composed of three sorts of cells : transfusion tracheids, transfusion parenchyma cells, and albuminous cells

  2. Albuminous cell 1. a vertically elongated parenchyma cell, found in groups in the rays of the secondary phloem in gymnosperms, where they are associated with sieve cells

    蛋白質細胞: 1 .在裸子植物的次生韌皮部薄壁組織和韌皮射線中發現的1種垂直伸長的細胞,通常與篩胞相結合。
  3. In albuminous seeds, it remains as a permanent storage organ of the mature seed.