albuminous granule中文意思是什麼

albuminous granule解釋

  • albuminous: 白蛋白的
  • granule: n. 1. 顆粒,細粒。2. 粒狀斑點。3. 【天文學】(日面的)米粒,粒狀斑。

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  1. Contemporary, this product can affixture the electrical granules onto walls and floors to cleanse the air to make human feel well by releasing the anion to barges against the granule in the atmosphere. put this product into any position in the chamber can maintain its good effect

  2. Study on anti - inflammatory antipyretic effect of liyan jiedu granule

  3. Cytoprotective mechanism of quot; si - jun - zi quot; granule to stomach and intestines of splenic asthenia animal model

  4. Even the tiny atomy in the air can also induce the surface of furniture finished just now to bring granule which effects the smoothness of handle

  5. There are two types of yolk granule inside of ovum, in which vesicle or arc gap could be observed by om, and the yolk granule has been decomposed by 4 pathway : ( l ). be decomposed straight in cytoplasm ; ( 2 ). begin to be decomposed from the vesicle inside of yolk ; ( 3 ). begin to be decomposed from the arc gap of yolk ; ( 4 ). before decomposed, the yolk will be enwrapped by envelope