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  • aleutian: adj. 1. 阿留申群島的。2. 阿留申群島人的。n. 1. 阿留申人。2. 〈pl. 〉阿留申群島(= Aleutian Islands)。
  • trench: n 特倫奇〈姓氏〉。vt 掘溝,開畦溝;掘翻(田地),深耕;【軍事】掘壕溝,用戰壕防守;【木工】作溝槽...

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  1. The french navy has built an abyssal bathyscaphe to take three men to the floor of the marianas trench

  2. Police said nowak was found with an air rifle and a small knife, as well as a wig and trench coat to apparently disguise herself

  3. Investigate legislative options to improve spill prevention / response capability along the aleutian route

  4. The results indicate the stress of copper interconnects generates in the metallization and the thermal stress caused by thermal mismatch during the damascene process is the main stress. the thermal stress distribution in copper interconnects has been simulated by the finite element analysis software with the different trench structures

  5. Know therefore and comprehend : from the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild jerusalem until the time of messiah the prince will be seven weeks and sixty - two weeks ; it will be built again, with street and trench, even in distressful times