algebroid function中文意思是什麼

algebroid function解釋

  • function: n 1 功能,官能,機能,作用。2 〈常 pl 〉職務,職責。3 慶祝儀式;(盛大的)集會,宴會。4 【數學】...

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  1. In this paper, the concept of acceleration ambiguity function ( aaf ) and acceleration resolution is put forward for the first time. using aaf, the effects of target ' s relative acceleration on several outputs of a linear - phase matched filter are analyzed, such as the output signal - noise - ratio loss, the doppler resolution, the constraint on optimal accumulative time ( opt ) and their tolerable limits

  2. It has the unique function of sterilization & kill acarid by ultraviolet and ozone radiation

  3. Reason gardenia has metabolization of stimulative blood fat, increase bile to secrete the action that contracts with gallbladder, can control temperature center and amount to antifebrile action, still have in addition fight bacterium, antiphlogistic, acetanilide, hemostatic, step - down to reach restore liver function function

  4. B substance function the pure product is achromaticity oil liquid. if it contained impurity then showed yellow and palm in industry

  5. Function : it will activize and nourish skin, stimulate their regeneration process