align right edges中文意思是什麼

align right edges解釋

  • align: vt 1 使排成一線[一行];校直。2 使結盟,使密切合作。3 【物理學】匹配;調準。 He aligned himself wi...
  • right: adj 1 右,右方的,右側的,右派的 (opp left)。2 正當的,當然的 (opp wrong)。3 不錯的;正確的;...
  • edges: 邊界

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  1. The high chrome tanned leather fibre and natural rubber content give it excellent strength, while the right percentage of vegetable tanned leather fibre aids the chamfering of edges

  2. In reassembly of lever handle, align the index plate so that the number one ( 1 ), indicating the full closed * position, is at right angles to the bore of the valve

  3. Gets the thickness of the left and right edges of the system focus rectangle, in pixels

    獲取系統焦點矩形的左邊緣和右邊緣的粗細(以像素為單位) 。
  4. Desk top front edge is postformed to a wedge shape and the back edge is rounded. left and right edges use thick pvc edging

  5. For example, you may want to align the horizontal snaplines of text - based controls, such as labels, with the top and base lines of the text instead of the top and bottom edges of the control