all his geese are swans中文意思是什麼

all his geese are swans解釋
言過其實, 敝帚自珍

  • all: adj 1 所有的,全部的,整個的,一切的。2 非常的,極度的,盡可能的。3 〈口語〉用盡,用完。n pron 全...
  • his: pron. 1. 〈he 的所有格〉他的。2. 〈he 的物主代詞〉他的東西。3. 〈古語〉〈置於男子名後作所有格〉他的。
  • geese: n. goose 的復數。
  • are: are1be 的第二人稱單、復數。 第一、三人稱復數現在陳述語氣。 Are you there (電話用語)喂!喂!n. 公畝〈等於100平方米〉。
  • swans: 惠威

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  1. If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked

  2. "all his ribs are smashed, " the supercargo said.

  3. " all his ribs are smashed, " the supercargo said

    「他的肋骨都斷了, 」押運人說。
  4. The works of his hands are verity and judgment ; all his commandments are sure

  5. All his geese are swans