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  • all: adj 1 所有的,全部的,整個的,一切的。2 非常的,極度的,盡可能的。3 〈口語〉用盡,用完。n pron 全...
  • weather: n 1 天氣,氣候;暴風雨(天氣)。2 (某種)時候;處境;狀況。vt 1 使暴露在風雨中;通風,晾乾,吹乾...
  • flight: n 1 飛行,飛翔;(鷹對獵物的)追趕。2 (候鳥等的)遷徙;飛行的一群。3 (光陰)飛逝。4 (思想等的...

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  1. In the french air force, mirage 2000 fighters in operation are : mirage 2000c / b single seater and two seater for air defence ; mirage 2000n, two seater, designed for all weather nuclear penetration at low altitude and very high speed ; and mirage 2000d, which is an upgraded version of the mirage 2000n, for automated bombing using conventional and laser guided munitions ; e type for multi purpose exporting version ; r for single seat day / night eaporting version

    在法國空軍內,現役的幻影2000戰斗機為幻影2000c型單座戰斗機、 b型雙座戰斗教練機、幻影2000n雙座全天候低空高速核攻擊機以及其改進型d型常規精確制導武器攻擊機、幻影2000e多任務出口型、幻影2000r單座晝夜偵察出口型。
  2. First ehtv extended the region of ottv, it is the same with all weather condition, but ottv is used in hot zoon for air - condition. ehtv could calculate energy consume, but ottv is just a heat transfer value for not including air infiltration inner heat gain lighting energy efficiency ratio of equipments

    首先是擴大了指標的適用范圍, ottv主要是針對炎熱地區的空調節能指標, ehtv指標能適用於各種氣象條件,此外ehtv的能耗計算方法,解決了ottv指標不包括空氣滲透、採光、空調採暖設備等因素,不能直觀反映建築能耗的不足。
  3. Due to globality, all - weather and continuum realtime three - dimensional orientation, it has been widely developed in the fields of military and civil aviation

  4. The sir philip haddon - cave sports field, provides a 400 - metre all weather track, a soccer pitch, and an archery practice field

  5. At austerlitz he was the last to remain at the ford of augest, rallying the regiments, saving what he could, when all was flight and ruin, and not a single other general was to be found in the rearguard