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  1. Some systems look only at the “ acquest ” ( assets built during the marriage ) ; others count the lot

    有的國家僅要求對「婚後財產」 (即婚後創建的資產)進行分割,有的卻要分割所有財產。
  2. But china ' s state - owned enterprises seem less adroit at exploiting those assets

  3. Acco rding to the requirement of profitablity, safety and development, the basic measures and amendatory measures are selected in the measures system to evaluate the quality of fina ncial condition, including assets, capital ' s structure, profit and cash flows of electric power enterprises

  4. He summed up his assets and liabilities.

  5. At present, a certain proportion of the tax revenue from the three metropolitan taxes corporate portion of the residents tax, fixed assets tax and special land ownership tax is allocated to the ward governments