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  • relative: adj 1 關于…的,與…有關系[聯系]的。2 相對的;相關的;以(他物)為準的,相應的,成比例的 (to) 相...
  • deformation: 變形,走樣

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  1. Roll over protective structure ( rops ) is a device which installs on out of construction vehicle. the main functions are : when the vehicle rolling over. rops can prevent the vehicle from rolling over further, and reduce the possibility of rolling vehicle injures operator ; when the vehicle traveling on freezing soil. concrete and rock, it has large resist continuous impact ability ; when the vehicle overturning rops can support the whole vehicle. arrangement of falling object protective structure ( fops ) can block objects ( such as trees, rocks ) so that supply protection for operator. this problem is that research rolling over and falling objects protective structure of bulldozer by learning research condition of rops / fops and relative lay down international standard. on the base of theory analysis. detrudes counting formula of rops / fops deformation through founding mechanics analysis model of rops / fops at the stage of elasticity and plastoelastic. and finds a set of feasible nonlinear finite element analysis counting. lt calculates rops / fops plastoelastic deforma variable of 320hp bulldozer, bulldozer has been carried out by optimizing design method

    其主要功能是:當車輛滾翻時, rops能刺入未凍土壤而阻止車輛的進一步滾翻,降低滾翻的車輛對系著安全帶司機軋傷的可能性;保證rops在碰撞和沖擊變形不大的地面(如凍土、混疑土上、巖石)時,能具有相當大的抗連續沖擊能力;當車輛已經處于顛覆狀態時,已經變形的rops應能支撐住整車。落物保護裝置(簡稱fops ) ,其構件的布置方式要能遮蔽墜落的物體(如,樹木、巖石等) ,以便對司機提供適當的保護。本課題主要通過了解國內外有關對rops fops的研究情況和有關國際標準的制定,對大型推土機傾翻和落物保護裝置進行研究,在理論分析的基礎上,通過建立rops fops的力學分析模型,推導彈性、彈塑性階段rops fops變形的計算公式,建立一套可行的rops fops的非線性有限元分析計算方法。
  2. Abstract : the paper shows the relative deformation function of the cam mechanism with a roller follower as a linear time - invariant system, and gives the detail about the response limitation for the dynamic design and modification of cam mechanisms. an example demonstrates this approach can improve the flexible cam mechanisms

  3. Based on plate loading test in - situ, the method of geddes " formula, finite element method and the relative theory of method of code, the paper makes a thorough study on the bearing capacity and settlement of vertically loading cast - in - situ piles with expanded branches and plates, and the major results are as follows : ( 1 ) based on the results of plate loading test in - situ, the single pile settlement behavior is analyzed. it is pointed out that its load - settlement ( q - s ) curve as tardy deformation

    本文結合現場靜載荷試驗、 geddes公式法、有限元法和《規范》法中的有關理論,對擠擴支盤樁在豎向荷載作用下的承載力及沉降進行了研究,主要表現在以下幾方面: ( 1 )在現場靜載荷試驗結果的基礎上,分析了擠擴支盤樁單樁沉降特徵,指出其荷載沉降( q s )曲線為緩變形。
  4. By means of the method of filtered convolution, we process the nearly 15 years ' ( 1986 - 2000 ) observational data of the cross - fault short level at tianma station of fujian and draw the deformation features of the relative movement of both sides of the fault before mid - strong earthquakes in fujian and the coastal areas

    摘要應用褶積濾波的方法對福建天馬跨斷層短水準觀測點近15年( 1986 ~ 2000年)的觀測資料進行了計算、處理和分析,歸納出了福建及其沿海地區中強震發生前該斷層兩盤的相對運動變化特徵。
  5. Through a lot of test pile material, this essay concludes the vertical bearing capacity calculation formula of man - made pile with bulb shaped base by strength theory and relative deformation as control criterion. the method of defining pedestal pile foundation deformation modulus is especially discussed in this article, and it takes the mindlin solution as the starting point using mathematics method to get the poisson ' s ratio ( u ) which is the factor influencing foundation soil deformation modulus, and a deformation modulus calculating equation is finally determined