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  • alpha: n. 1. 阿爾法〈希臘語字母表首字母α,相當于英語的 a〉。2. 最初。3. 【天文學】α 星,主星。
  • proton: n. 【物理學】(正)質子;氕核,氫核始基;精朊腖。 proton decay 質子衰變。 proton-force 質子間力。 proton-scattering 質子互致散射。
  • reaction: n 1 反作用,反應;反沖;反動力。2 【政治學】反動,倒退;復古(運動)。3 【化學】反應,【物理學】...

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  1. Thinking of channels of fund used in dealing with the aftermath of abnormal reaction and accidence after vaccination

  2. In this paper, the stereoisomer rearrangement of biomarker compound for the exclusive reaction form the electronic off - domain to the out - proton magnetic rotation is interpreted in the sedimentary system in terms of the micro - particle wave motion and the molecular orbital theory

  3. Crystal zirconium phosphate - phosphonate has the stability and regulity of interlayer floor of inorganic a - zirconium phosphate, they still have the designability of the organic group in the interlayer and adjustment of the ratio of organic and inorganic phosphorus acid, they are a kind of potential smart material, we can process molecule design and optimize filtration according to the requirement of goal reaction, we can prepare special ion - exchange, catalyst, catalyst supporters nonlinear optics compound, solid state proton conductivity and the intercalation complex precusor by introducing different active organic group or active center into the choice and stable framework of inorganic a - zirconium phosphate

  4. In this paper all kinds of fuel cell, the current research situation and working principle of proton exchange membrane fuel cell ( pemfc ) are outlined. mathematical models in relation to electrochemistry reaction and transfer process in direct methanol fuel cell ( dmfc ) are compared and analyzed. latest progress of membrane materials and instrument analysis technique in dmfc has also been described

    介紹了燃料電池的分類以及質子交換膜燃料電池( pemfc )的工作原理和研究現狀,並對直接甲醇燃料電池( dmfc )中有關電化學反應及傳遞過程的數學模型進行了比較和分析,描述了適用於dmfc的膜材料以及儀器分析技術的最新進展,認為直接甲醇燃料電池是目前較理想的燃料電池,有著廣闊的發展前景。
  5. The target studied in this paper is one of the most important components in the ads. coupling the two innovative fields in the nuclear scientific and technological circles that are accelerator and sub - critical reactor. the physical function of this part is be as the neutron source, accepting the medium or high energy proton, breeding spallation reaction, arising the self - sustaining nuclear fission and generating the power