aluminium-base material中文意思是什麼

aluminium-base material解釋

  • aluminium: n. 【化學】鋁。
  • base: n 1 基底,基,根基,底座;底層,底子;(紀念碑等的)基址;(山)麓。2 【軍事】基地,根據地。3 根...
  • material: adj 1 物質的(opp spiritual)。2 身體上的,肉體上的;物慾的,追求實利的;卑俗的。3 有形的,實體的...

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  1. This product is pvc base material, and has many advantages such as no glue falling , luster , opacity , intensity , good warm resistance and heat resistance, and is the best dust cleaning partner in working procedure of pcb making

  2. Was set up in 1995. there are 360 employees in the company including 69 technical personnel. main products are more than fifty varieties such as magnesium, magnesium alloy and its castings. aluminum alloy castings, aluminium - base and zinc - base galvanic anode plates. with advanced production techniques, rich technical forces and complete inspection methods, and the most advanced vacuum spectroscopic analyzer imported from usa, products prouced is up to the same standard as the imported one. the products have been introduced by shandong xiaoya group, qingdao haier, qingdao aucma and chendu haote company which are famous enterprises and also exported to usa, australia, janpan, malaysia and other a dozen of counties

  3. The fastened end of bar was machined to multi cone - shaped heads. through the cone heads compress the inorganic anchoring material, the load was transmitted from bars to base material. it changes the transfer path of loads and takes advantage of high compress strength of inorganic material, thus enhanced the anchor intensity of inorganically post - installed bars

    本文提出一種新型的植筋技術? ?帶錐頭無機植筋,它把鋼筋錨固端加工成多個錐頭,通過錐頭對無機錨固材料的擠壓,將荷載傳遞給基材,使基材與無機錨固材料的界面上產生剪壓復合應力狀態,改變傳統植筋的受力機理,利用了無機錨固材料抗壓強度高的特點,從而提高了無機植筋的錨固強度。
  4. Specification for printed pressure - sensitive, adhesive - coated labels for marine use, including requirements for label base material

  5. Note : the hydrophilic coating base material is executed by the aluminium foil used for air conditions