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  • amber: n. 1. 琥珀。2. 琥珀色。3. 【軍事】線狀無煙火藥(彈)。adj. 1. 琥珀制的。2. 琥珀色的。vt. 使成琥珀色。
  • dream: n 1 夢。2 幻想,夢想;空想。3 理想,願望。4 夢一樣美好的人[物等],美景。vi (dreamed dreamt dream...

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  1. Finally, all the ministers lined up to massacre an abba tune, " i have a dream. " we will be together

  2. By analyzing the cultural atmosphere, singificance and value direction masked by contemporary writer ' s " hot - study of a dream of red mansions ", this article regards that writer ' s deconstruction for " a dream of red mansions " is not only the instructions and demand of academical writers ' s pursuit, but also the producer excruciation, introspection, reconstruction in his spiritual word in the atmosphere of the lost of traditional chinese culture and the marginalized literature condition

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