ambulacral radial canal中文意思是什麼

ambulacral radial canal解釋

  • ambulacral: 步帶板
  • radial: adj 1 光線的;光線狀的。2 放射的,輻射(狀)的。3 鐳的。4 【數學】半徑的;【物理學】徑向的;【解...
  • canal: n. 1. 運河;溝渠,水道。2. 【建築】溝;【解剖學】管,道。3. 【天文學】火星表面的運河狀細長溝紋。vt. (-l(l)-), 在…開運河;在…開溝,疏導。

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  1. In land animals, saliva contains mucus, and provides lubrication for food in the alimentary canal.

  2. " one hundred steps on foot " after a meal, will influence the alimentary canal digestion and absorption of the nutriment because of increasing in amount of exercise

    飯后「百步走」 ,會因運動量增加而影響消化道對營養物質的消化吸收。
  3. The terminal hindgut forms the upper portion of the anal canal.

  4. Clinical therapeuatic effects observation of aner dian on irrigation and disinfection of root canal therapy at once

  5. A test analysis of open canal bottom coefficient of roughness anticlimax on turbulent velocity of flow and intensity of turbulence influence