1. The co - current charts of main constituents show that the m2 component currents have one current - amphidromic point at 29 18 ' n, 122 46 ' e, and the co - phase lag lines rotate anti - clockwise here

      主要分潮的潮流同潮圖表明: m _ 2分潮流在29 18 n , 122 46 e處有一個圓流點,同潮時線在該處以反時針旋轉。
    2. The k1 component currents have no current - amphidromic points in the whole area

      K _ 1分潮流在本區內無圓流點。
    3. There are fifteen rotating tidal system of m1 in the areas. a new current - amphidromic point of k, constituent is discovered in the northern part of the yellow sea, and another is discovered at the southeast of cheju island

      主要是:在模擬海域內m _ 4潮波有15個旋轉潮波系統;在黃海北部和濟州島東南各新發現一個k _ 1分潮的圓流點。