amplitude of absolute convergence中文意思是什麼

amplitude of absolute convergence解釋

  • amplitude: n. 1. 廣闊,廣大。2. 豐富,充足。3. (思想的)廣度。4. (天體出沒時偏離正東或正西的)角度距離。5. 【物,電】振幅。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • absolute: adj 1 絕對的 (opp relative comparative); 完全的,純粹的。2 無條件的,無限制的。3 專制的,獨裁的...
  • convergence: n. 1. 聚合,會聚,輻輳,匯合。2. 集合點;【數、物】收斂;【生物學】趨同(現象)。

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  1. The determination of absolute altitudes on the moon meets with difficulties because of the lack of a definite zero reference.

  2. The english absolute construction is a kind of absolute construction with logical subject - predicate relation. its concept, composition, grammatical functions and some problems are discussed and analyzed in this article

  3. Air bearing has a lot of absolute advantages when it is used in high speed bearing, low friction and low wastage, high precision bearing and special conditions

  4. Abstract : considering the second nearest - neighbor interaction and cubic, quartic anharmonic interactions simultaneously, we employ the multiple scales method combined with a quasidiscreteness approximation to calculate the lattice vibration. it is shown that the kind of nonlinear chain exhibits envelope soliton, envelope kink and envelope antikink soliton. these results can also be used to explain the experimental phenomena that the kink amplitude of the self - localized structure is determined only by the intrinsic properties of its lattices

  5. It ' s always contacted by the concept - complete competition, which titles a manner of business with character of absolute decentralization under the assumptive condition without transaction cost. so, complete competition describes a utopian state