an accidental meeting中文意思是什麼

an accidental meeting解釋

  • an: an1indef. art. 見 a 條。1. 〈方、口〉 = and. 2. 〈古、方〉 = (and) if.
  • accidental: adj. 1. 偶然的,不測的;意外的 (opp. planned)。2. 非本質的 (opp. essential)。3. 附帶的,附屬的。n. 1. 偶然事;偶然;附帶事物。2. 【音樂】臨時符。
  • meeting: n. 1. 會合,集合;會見;會議,(特殊的)大會,集會,會;會眾。2. 決斗;會戰;遭遇。3. 〈M-〉(Quaker 教徒的)禮拜會。4. (河川的)合流點,連接點。

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  1. An accidental circumstance cemented intimacy between steerforth and me.

  2. But today we also know that if you re convicted of a dui, driving under the influence, one of the things the judge may do, among other things, is require you to go to an aa meeting, alcoholics anonymous

  3. As an accidental species, big salamander andias davidians ( amphibia vrodtle cryptobrahidae andias ) is the biggest amphibian in the world

    大鯢( andiasdavidianus )俗稱娃娃魚,屬兩棲綱,有尾目,隱鰓鯢科,是世界上最大的珍稀兩棲動物和國家二級保護動物。
  4. Meeting minder lets you enter the minutes of an online meeting, and assign action items to other users

  5. An accidental fire remains isolated for a sufficient period to permit the occupants to escape.