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analytic philosophy解釋

  • analytic: adj. 分解的,分析的。 The analytical method is dialectical. 分析的方法就是辯證的方法。adv. -ically
  • philosophy: n 1 哲學;哲理,哲學體系。2 世界觀,人生觀;宗旨。3 (某一門學科的)基本原理。4 哲學家的態度,達...

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  1. The cultural philosophy in the visual field of chinese modernity : the acceptation and transformation of spengler in 1920s - 1930s in china

  2. During this time there have occurred significant developments in analytic jurisprudence and in the legal philosophy of values.

  3. Much has been done to study hart ’ s theory, however, few people make great effort to view hart ’ s ordinary language analytic philosophy and new analytical positivist jurisprudence as a whole

    其他分析法學的階段性代表? ?邊沁、奧斯丁、凱爾森也都是于哲學及法學研究領域有著傑出貢獻的人物。
  4. Glimpse of british analytic philosophy today an interview with british philosopher m. dummett amp; amp; j. heal

    訪英國哲學家達米特和珍183 ;希爾
  5. The study of dunhuang grotto art regeneration should be carried out by using the typical analytic method from philosophy, aesthetic and arts categories perspectives