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  • anchor: n 1 掛錨;錨狀物。2 樁,支架。3 〈比喻〉依靠。4 【體育】一隊運動員中最後參加比賽的人;殿後的人〈...
  • pile: n 1 軟毛,絨毛;毛茸。2 (布、絨的)軟面。vt 使起絨。adj d 有絨毛的。n 痔瘡;〈pl 〉痔。 blind pi...
  • module: n. 1. 測量流水等的單位〈1秒100升〉。2. 【建築】圓柱下部半徑度。3. 【物理學】模,系數,模數,模量。4. 【無線電】微型組件;組件;模塊。5. (太空船上各個獨立的)艙。

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  1. The pile - anchor retaining structure system is often used in chongqing area. for a long time, there is a conception about the transfer approach of soil pressure behind the pile - anchor retaining structure system that the pressure is applied on the holding sheet firstly, then transferred to the columns by the sheet, finally transferred to the form ground by the anchor

  2. Calculating method of anchor jacked pile while sinking

  3. ( 6 ) the thesis puts forward the pile - top displacement control method, and it can account the least force of the anchor wire on anti - slide pile

    ( 6 )本文提出了錨拉抗滑樁錨拉力計算的樁頂位移控製法,計算控制樁頂位移所需的最小錨拉力。
  4. Abstract : the traditional method of anchor pile on the deep foundation pit bracing in the gravel stratum with high hardness, poor drilling and easy slump is complicated owing to difficult construction, low efficiency and high cost

  5. Application study on combined foundation pit support with composite soil nail and anchor pile