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  • angular: adj. 1. 有角的,角形的;尖銳的。2. 用角度量的;角的。3. 瘦骨嶙峋的。4. 不靈活的,生硬的。adv. -ly
  • velocity: n. 1. 迅速;快速。2. 速度,速率。3. 周轉率。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • rotation: n. 1. 旋轉;輪轉;循環。2. 【天文學】自轉。3. 【物理學】旋度。4. 輪流,輪換;交替。5. 【農業】輪作;【林業】輪伐(期)。

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  1. A pure software solution is given in order to gather more tracking data. the reason of the zenith - blind - zone forming is analyzed detailedly. the conclusion is that the extent of the zenith blind zone was restricted by three parameters : maximum azimuth angular velocity of tracking mount, flight level and airspeed of the target

  2. One instance of simple harmonic motion is that of the projection on any diametre of a point which describes a circular path with uniform angular velocity.

  3. Several characteristic parameters are extracted from the angular velocity curve and the acceleration curve of crankshaft instantaneous rotation, and the quality of them is evaluated by use of the gray relation analysis method and the method for inspecting the consistency of the extremum cylinder number

  4. Fiber optic gyroscope ( fog ) is an advanced instrument to measure the angle velocity of rotation body. it realizes the measurement of optical sagnac effect using solid all - fiber structure. it overcomes mechanical - electrical gyro ' s reduction of dynamic performance and life - span caused by the structure or the requirement of high rotation rate mass, and the laser gyro ' s fabrication technology complication and high cost caused by the rigid requirement of optical circuit resonation

  5. From analyzing the side, lobe, the angular velocity of sight line of autoloading seeker, and the response delay of missile, the main reasons of airdefence missile end control invalidation are made sure

    2 、從半主動導引頭副瓣波束影響、導引頭最大跟蹤角速度限制以及導彈響應延遲特性三個方面,分析了造成防空導彈末端失控的主要原因。