animus deserendi中文意思是什麼

animus deserendi解釋

  • animus: n. 1. 意圖,宗旨,主導思想。2. 敵意,惡意。

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  1. When you have an animus against a person, you should give it up

  2. This is a important guiding thought covered all this paper, and it is the animus and objective of this paper

  3. Whatever we do is for humans health, and devote ourselves to the cause of humans health is our companys animus

    公司的宗旨是: 「一切為了人類健康」 ,不斷研製開發健康產品,為人類的健康事業做出我們的貢獻。
  4. Q : do you believe in the anima and the animus - the male spirit and the female spirit - within each of us, and having a harmony and balance therein

  5. Sticking to the basic animus of tort law, grounding fundamental situation of our country and absorbing foreign useful theoretic productions and legislative experience properly, we relate the essence, types, responsibilities and types of tortfeasors of joint torts together organically. and the combination of them form a new and scientific institution of joint torts corresponding to today ' s social life