annuity certain中文意思是什麼

annuity certain解釋

  • annuity: n. 年金。 a contingent [life, terminable] annuity 臨時[終身、定期]年金。
  • certain: adj 1 (數量、日期等)已確定的;(證據等)確鑿的,無疑的;(知識、技術等)正確的,可靠的。2 必然...

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  1. Certain key aspects of abatement planning are best addressed through the use of an ambient air quality model.

  2. With this model, the enterprise can determine the optimal amount of account sale in a certain period

  3. Certain plants play an additional role in weathering.

  4. Important action of improving adrenocortical function for certain diseases recovery

  5. As a kind of representation of the idea of ncw, the essence of aerial defence missile network - centric operation is to connect every part of the adms within certain areas into a network, in order to utilize and exert the function and advantages of each battle system to the full extent, to shorten the responding time for aerial defence battle system, and thus to improve the whole battle efficiency