annullamento di un rialzo中文意思是什麼

annullamento di un rialzo解釋

  • di: 傾角
  • un: UN U N = United Nations 聯合國。pron 〈俚語〉傢伙,人;東西 (= one)。 a little un 小傢伙,小...

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  1. I s afeard un um

  2. Some people shy away from making pure value raises ( like raising aq or jj from the bb in an un - raised pot ) but it is important to do so in loose games

    一些玩家害怕有牌時的加註, (象aq或jj從bb位在一個沒有加註的牌局加註)在寬松比賽如此做是重要的。
  3. Un attentat suicide la bombe fait neuf morts dans le nord - est de bagdad

  4. With a large indentation, the supply and demand of our country1 s labor force always keep the un - balanceable situation and after our nation had been founded

  5. Aiming at permanent brushless dc motor in mini - bev ( battery electric vehicle ) with torque ripple and violent noise during low speed running, the fuzzy control method is combined with slide mode control method to suppress the influence due to un - modeling parameters, and to ensure the robustness in the process of reaching slide mode plane