1. To deal with the question that how we can guarantee the dna sequences which are stored in the personal dna database are anonymous, that no one can find out whom a special dna sequence is collected from, this paper get a new method ? savior, by improve dnala ( dna lattice anonymization ), which is a method settling this question. savior replaces the multiple alignment in dnala with pairwise alignment between every tow sequences, and replaces the greedy algorithm in dnala with stochastic hill - climbing. for doing this, it can save the time for data pretreatment, and add the precision of classing

      針對個人dna數據的隱私保護問題,即:如何保證無法將存儲在數據庫中的dna序列信息與其提供者的個人身份信息(如:姓名,身份證號碼等)聯系起來,本文對一種新近開發的隱私保護方法? dnala ( dnalatticeanonymization )進行了改進,在數據預處理階段,用兩兩雙序列比對代替了原演算法中的多序列比對,在不降低處理精度的情況下減少了數據預處理所耗費的時間;用隨機爬山法代替了原演算法中的貪心策略,增加了演算法後期處理的精度,從而形成了一種新的演算法? savior 。