answ answer中文意思是什麼

answ answer解釋

  • answer: n 1 回答,答復。2 解答,答案。3 答辯,抗辯。4 報復。vt 1 答,回答,答復;答應。2 解答,答辯。3 報...

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  1. Perhaps it may be got over - explained away ? hardly, was the answer. i have called it insuperable, and i speak advisedly

    「幾乎不可能, 」那人回答, 「我稱它難以克服,是經過深思熟慮后才說的。 」
  2. Her answer is in the affirmative.

  3. The general answer to this problem is to avoid alkyl halides.

  4. Colonic convulsion continues to deepen, alvine path wriggles answer increase, defecate frequency, turn again by constipation for diarrhoea, from this go round and round

  5. The answer is the sharp - shooter is catching firebuy in mosquito net with a little amah ! !

    答曰:狙擊手正在蚊帳里和小保姆一起捉螢火蟲! !