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  • answer: n 1 回答,答復。2 解答,答案。3 答辯,抗辯。4 報復。vt 1 答,回答,答復;答應。2 解答,答辯。3 報...
  • a: an 用在以母音音素開始的詞前〉 indefinite art 1 〈普通可數名詞第一次提到時,冠以不定冠詞主要表示類...
  • description: n. 1. 記述,敘述,描寫;記載。2. 敘事文;(物品)說明書;相貌說明書。3. 種類。4. 作圖;繪制。

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  1. A description of all of the characteristics and attributes of ganesha can be found in the ganapati upanishad ( an upanishad dedicated to ganesha ) of the rishi atharva, in which ganesha is identified with brahman and atman

    甘尼薩的所有特徵和屬性的描繪可以屬于聖人阿闥婆《甘尼薩奧義書》 (一本奉獻于甘尼薩的奧義書)找到,裏面的甘尼薩被看成是與婆羅門和阿特曼一樣。
  2. Contains a description of the event held at commonwealth park, lake burley griffin and features participant rankings

  3. Fourier techniques provide a particular elegant framework from which to evolve a description of the formation of images.

  4. Cortisol stress hormone if you ' re feeling over - worked and stressed, then popping in to your nearest art gallery could be the answer. a group of 28 stressed - out city high - fliers were studied as they spent their lunch break viewing art

  5. That ' s to say, the former evaded the origin of efficiency while being absorbed in the efficiency of institution such as property right, and the latter gave a description of hominid institution other than discuss the predacious evolution of institution