antenatal genetic diagnosis中文意思是什麼

antenatal genetic diagnosis解釋

  • antenatal: adj. 胎兒的,出生前的,產前的。 antenatal training 胎教。 an antenatal life 母胎內的生命。
  • genetic: adj. 1. 遺傳(學)上的。2. 發生的,發展的;創始的。adv. -ically
  • diagnosis: n. (pl. -ses )1. 診斷。2. 【生物學】(分類學上的)特徵簡述。3. 調查分析,判斷。

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  1. In gene technology, there are some other problems of whether gene diagnosis are confidential, how to abort fetus with genetic diseases, and whether gene treatment results in virus infection and activates protocarcinogenic gene

  2. A definitive diagnosis, via renal biopsy, is therefore essential for prognosis and genetic counselling

  3. In this paper, the power transformer interior fault diagnosis technique based on the dissolved gas in oil analysis and the principles of genetic algorithm are analyzed. the forecasting models for power transformer interior fault are proposed based on the grey prediction model. the genetic algorithm is applied to estimating optimum coefficients of this forecasting model

    本文對基於變壓器油中溶解氣體分析( dissolvedgasesanalysis ,簡稱dga )技術的大型電力變壓器內部故障診斷技術和遺傳演算法原理進行了深入的分析,首次將灰色預測理論引入到大型電力變壓器內部故障預測工作中,運用遺傳演算法實現預測模型的優化,建立了基於遺傳演算法的變壓器內部故障改進灰色預測模型。
  4. Application on the genetic diagnosis of preimplantation with fish technology review

  5. The first livebirth in hong kong after preimplantation genetic diagnosis was achieved and the baby was born in the queen mary hospital in 2002