anthony of padua中文意思是什麼

anthony of padua解釋

  • anthony: n. 安東尼〈男子名〉。 St. Anthony 聖安東尼〈豬倌的保護神〉。 St. Anthony's fire 【醫學】丹毒。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • padua: 巴度亞

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  1. Doctor lin ( joan chen ) is the mistress of old tang ( director jiang ), but she finds herself drawn to teacher liang ( anthony wong ), who is catnip to beautiful women

    林大夫(陳沖)是老唐的情人,而她卻發現自己瘋戀上了梁老師(黃秋生(最新動態、個人檔案) ) ,梁老師身陷漂亮女人的愛慕。
  2. After marshall, keynes established the macroeconomics, and paul anthony samuelson has colligated the microeconomics of marshall and the macroeconomics of keynes to form the new classical school

    馬歇爾之後,凱恩斯創立了宏觀經濟學,薩繆爾森則將二者綜合起來,形成了經濟學的「新古典綜合派」 。
  3. It cost the british prime minister, anthony eden, his job and, by showing up the shortcomings of the fourth republic in france, hastened the arrival of the fifth republic under charles de gaulle

  4. Then the old specimen in the corner who appeared to have some spark of vitality left read out that sir anthony macdonnell had left euston for the chief secretary s lodge or words to that effect. to which absorbing piece of intelligence echo answered why

  5. About a year ago i was leafing through a few anim cd inserts only to see an english name, anthony inglis, popping up in conjunction with a lot of the orchestral conducting