anti-sag property中文意思是什麼

anti-sag property解釋

  • anti: n (pl antis) 〈口語〉反對者,反對派。 Pros and antis 贊成派和反對派。 The anti group 反對派。ad...
  • sag: vi ( gg )1 (橋、梁等)陷下,壓彎;(門)成一邊高一邊低狀;(蠟燭等)彎曲;(繩、天花板等)鬆弛...
  • property: n. 1. 財產;資產;所有物;所有地,地產;所有,所有權。2. 性質,特徵,屬性,特性;【邏輯學】非本質特性。3. 〈pl. 〉 【戲劇】道具;〈英國〉服裝。

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  1. As it is an organic thiocyano germicide, it can solve the problem of anti - pesticide property developed by the widely used absorbing germicides. when used in treating rice seed, it does not need presoaking or after - washing

  2. The plateau of overcharge between 5. 0v and 6. 0v is prolonged, this indicates that the blended gel type polymer li - ion batteries have better anti - overcharge property

    過充電實驗表明, pmma的加入使電池在5 . 0v ? 6 . 0v之間的過充電平臺延長,電池耐過充電能力得到提高。
  3. Test of mechanism of effect by polypropylene fibre on anti - crevice property amp; amp; normal section load - bearing capacity of bent reinforced concrete components

  4. Concrete structure of prestressed composite slab surmounts shortcoming of the traditional slab, has the merits of cast - in - site structure and assemble structure, such as larger integer rigidity, preferable anti - seismic property, lower material consumption and cost, shorter construction period, and simple construction technology. the structure can be applied to high - rise and popularized in engineering construction

  5. The anti - microorganism property of the stable chlorine dioxide and it ' s application