antigrease rubber glovess中文意思是什麼

antigrease rubber glovess解釋

  • rubber: n 1 摩擦者;磨者;摩擦物,磨光器;按摩師;(土耳其浴室的)擦背人;(洗澡用)毛巾。2 擦具;粗銼;...

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  1. Sheath : performance of sheath rubber is accordant with type xh03a in gb7594. 787

    護套:護套橡皮性能符合gb7594 . 7
  2. Sheath : adopt black chloroprene rubber, its performance is accordant with type xh03a in gb7594. 287

    護套:護套採用黑色氯丁橡皮,其性能符合gb7594 . 2
  3. Close down autos and you close down steel and rubber.

  4. Air spring for automotive suspension - rubber bellows

  5. Ever since its birth in 1999, siusing has launched its divisions including siusing button factory, yabo button factory and 2 distributors shanghai hongkong. through unremitting efforts of all staff, we have stepped into an extensive range of products including metallic button, rubber button, environmental friendly buttons, metal button and alloy buttons. meanwhile, the products are exclusively appointed as specially used parts for jeanswest, chibi maruko chan, sickonineteen of europe and tommy bahama, joe eoxer, chicco of the usa, etc

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