antiinfective powder中文意思是什麼

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  • powder: n 1 粉,粉末。2 (搽臉的)香粉;牙粉;發粉。3 (一服)藥粉;粉劑;散。4 塵土,泥屑;雪糝。5 炸藥...

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  1. The admixing technology aging mechanism and the influence of rubber powder on the performance of asphalt were studied

  2. Papers also points out that the size of the adscititious powder agglomerate enwrapped by pure al melt, the effect and intensity of stirring shear force and the melt temperature at the beginning of reaction between the adscititious powder and al melt are the main factors affecting the in - situ reaction ongoing velocity

  3. While working, the air with dust enters into the sedimentation chamber via wind entrance, dust with large size granule will fall because of sudden expand of the aeriform cubage, then the air will pass the water area of arc boards of the two sides to stir the water. then air with dust will be mixed with water forming water curtain at the exit, fine powder will be collected, purified air will be discharged by blower fans via breakwater and wind exit

  4. To improve the dispersivity of particles, research the agglomerative mechanism that the nanometer powder aspect universally exists to the liquid phase

  5. The main products of our company are “ aipur ” brand serial products of cocoa such as pure natural cocoa powder of high, middle and low fat, alkalize powder, cocoa liquid lump, white cocoa butter, black powder, etc