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antiriot ammunition解釋

  • ammunition: n. 1. 彈藥。2. 〈廢語〉軍需品。3. 〈比喻〉戰斗手段。vt. 供給…彈藥,給…裝彈藥。

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  1. Including shotguns, air guns, humane killers, bolt guns, flare pistols and starting pistols, ammunition, replica or imitation firearms, cross bows

  2. In the middle of the night of april 4, 1970. soviet soldiers erected a tent over the unmarked grave and three kgb officers dug up the ammunition boxes containing the charred skeletons

  3. In 1999, kosovo was stricken by war and the balkan peninsula was like an ammunition dump set to explode, as fear and unease shrouded the earth

  4. In the above photographs we have left the lid on the ammunition wagon but removed it from the limber to illustrate this

  5. Would that include a box of ammunition ?