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  • apparel: vt 〈書面語〉使穿衣;裝飾。 a girl gaily apparel(l)ed 衣著漂亮的少女。 a book tastefully appare...
  • design: vt 1 計劃,企圖,立意要…。2 指定,預定;留給,留著。3 設計,草擬,擬定,籌劃;起草,畫草圖,打(...

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  1. My son, is this a king's apparel ?

  2. Design and study of the shoulder pad of knitted apparel

  3. Israel. design and manufacture of underwear, sleepwear and intimate apparel for men, women and children

  4. Design and development of pigment printed knitted apparel

  5. This article mainly studies the characteristics of the human motion model and the motion ' s man - machine engineering, and then studies the characteristics of the model showing and the motion control method. in this edicle, we develop the ediculated animation software based on motion capture, so as to support various applications such as apparel design, the motion arrangement of model showing and the virtual dress fitting