apparent first-order kinetics中文意思是什麼

apparent first-order kinetics解釋

  • apparent: adj. 1. 明顯的,顯而易見的 (to)。2. 貌似的;表面的,外觀上的。3. 【物理學】表觀的;視在的,外顯的。adv. -ly 顯然地,表面上。
  • first: adj 1 最初的,最早的。2 最上等的,第一流的。3 基本的,概要的。4 高音(調)的。n 1 最初,第一;第...
  • order: n 1 次序,順序;整齊;(社會)秩序,治安;狀況,常態;健康狀態;條理;會場秩序;議事程序,日程;...
  • kinetics: n. pl. 〈用作單數〉動力學。

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  1. First - order logic provides ilp with a uniform and very expressive means of representation : the background knowledge and the examples, as well as the mined rules, can all be represented as formulas in a clausal language. so we can use naturally background knowledge in the mining process

  2. The spectrograph uses a concave diffraction grating that provides a wavelength dispersion of 4. 2a°/mm in the first order.

  3. The illuminating apparatus of cape d aguilar lighthouse is fixed dioptric of the first order showing a white light

  4. This is not expressible as a first - order predicate calculus property

  5. The kinetic characteristics of the electrochemical oxidation of adrenaline to adrenochrome was studied by uv - vis spectroscopy. the measurements showed that the electrooxidation of adrenaline to adrenochrome was typical of the first order reaction and the average apparent rate constant is 1. 92110

    以紫外-可見分光光度法為主要手段,研究了腎上腺素電氧化生成腎上腺素紅的反應動力學特徵。研究結果表明:該反應具有一級反應的動力學特徵,且反應的表觀反應速率常數的平均值為1 . 92110