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  • application: n. 1. 適用,應用;運用。2. 申請,請求;申請表格。3. 勤勉,用功。4. 敷用;敷用藥。
  • call: vt 1 大聲念[說],喊,叫。2 召喚,叫來,請來;召集,徵召;號召;喚醒。3 把…取名為,稱呼,把…叫做。...

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  1. So the clients are no longer just browsers ; they are web services clients that interact with application services across administrative domains, and those application services can then call back to the shibboleth services of the client to obtain attributes that can be used for the access control authorization requirements

  2. By virtue of a set of assemblies running in the same application domain, assemblies are able to discover each other at execution time using the. net framework reflection apis or other means, and are able to call into them in late - bound fashion

    依靠相同應用程序域中運行的程序集集合,程序集可以在執行時使用. net framework反映api或其他手段相互發現對方,並且可以通過后綁定方式進行調用。
  3. That s what you might call a good application of english fists

    這才真是那種有名的英國拳術表演呢! 」
  4. Originally, voice applications meant dealing with your bank or credit card company over the telephone by responding to commands, such as " please press or say one. " these interactive voice response systems evolved over time from one word or discrete digit recognition systems to allow a few basic commands, such as " please say, operator " or " call mom. " you also might think of a voice application, such as ibm viavoice, which is a general - purpose computer dictation system

    起初,語音應用程序主要是用來通過響應「請按一或說一」之類的命令通過電話與銀行或信用卡公司進行交互。隨著時間的推移,這些互動式語音應答( interactive voice response , ivr )系統已經從一個詞或離散的數字識別系統發展為允許幾個基本的命令,比如「請說操作員」或「打電話給媽媽」 。您可能還會想到一個語音應用程序,比如ibm viavoice ,它是一個通用的計算機聽寫系統( computer dictation system ) 。
  5. Application and development of mine call telephone