approval at all levels中文意思是什麼

approval at all levels解釋

  • approval: n. 1. 贊成,同意。2. 批準;認可。
  • at: 1 Air Transport(ation) 2 【電學】 ampere turn 3 antitank 4 Atlantic Time 5 alternative technolo...
  • all: adj 1 所有的,全部的,整個的,一切的。2 非常的,極度的,盡可能的。3 〈口語〉用盡,用完。n pron 全...
  • levels: 電平

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  1. Ability to deal with perso el at all levels effectively

  2. The people ' s governments at all levels should adopt measures to develop all kinds of labour exchanges to provide employment services

  3. Shantou chenghai dengbaolu shoe factory are as the enterprise aim with " sincere, prac tical, high quality, innovate ", get the love and esteem of the leaders at all levels and the masses of customers, can grow up strong and sturdy

  4. Article 8 the people ' s governments at all levels and the relevant departments thereof and the coal mining enterprises must take measures to strengthen occupational protection so as to guarantee the safety and health of coal mine workers and staff members

  5. However, a new teacher education system, implemented in 1994, allows all colleges and universities, with the approval of the ministry of education, to provide teachers training programs at all levels