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  1. The metabolism of these extreme microbes during the production of maotai liquor would further produce multiple enzymes of thermal stability such as amylase, protease, saccharifying enzyme, cellulose, glucase, xylanase, and each kind of dehydrase involved in redox reaction, and dna polyase etc

  2. From the aspects of agricultural economic and environmental ecological effects, were the effects and mechanism of rare - earth micro - fertilizer to improve the growth, development, quality and yield of the crops ; the adjustment of crops growth by influencing the number of microbial population in soil district and the function of the soil dehydrase, alkaline phosphatase, urease and sucrase ; the ecophysiological effects of alleviating the injure of acid rain, ultraviolet radiation, heavy metal on crops were illustrated ; the sureness of bee ' s use in agricultural was provided, according to the rule of the distribution and enrichment of be in crops