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  • arc: A. R. C. = American Red Cross 美國紅十字會。n. 1. 弧;弓形,拱(洞)。2. 電弧,弧光。
  • formation: n. 1. 構成,形成;設立;編制。2. 組織,構造;形態;形成物,構造物;【軍事】編隊,隊形;兵團。3. 【地質學;地理學】層;組; 【生物學】社區;(植物)群系。adj. -al

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  1. Administration of appropriate antibiotics are necessary to prevent secondary abscess formation.

  2. Abstract : the reaction conditions, catalysts of selective oxidation of propane to acrolein and the mechanism of acrolein formation were reviewed

  3. Distant effect of jurassic collisions of qiangtang terrane, lasa terrane and paleo - pacific land onto the eurasian land made east qinling - dabie mountains in a compressional circumstance for a long time, and suppressed its orogenic extension ; whereas, cretaceous late - collisional extension and appearance of west pacific trench - arc - basin system relieved east qinling - dabie mountains of external compression, instantly result in violent orogenic lithosphere delamination - extension and depressurized - calefactive melting, and consequently, led to the formation of large scale early cretaceous granitoids and intermediate - acidic volcanic rocks

  4. 5. based on the analysis of their source rocks, the mesozoic detrital rocks in feixi area are mainly derived from metamorphic rocks of fuziling and luzhengguan groups, and the provenance of fenghuangtai formation is a disappeared ultra - high pressure metamorphic rock unit characterized with inland arc eclogites

  5. Signal characteristics of short - circuit gmaw arc sound and its formation mechanism