arc furnace electrode中文意思是什麼

arc furnace electrode解釋

  • arc: A. R. C. = American Red Cross 美國紅十字會。n. 1. 弧;弓形,拱(洞)。2. 電弧,弧光。
  • furnace: n. 1. 爐子;熔爐;高爐。2. 極熱的地方。3. 磨煉;艱難。vt. 在爐中燒熱(金屬)。
  • electrode: n. 1. 電極。2. 電焊條。adj. -less 無電極的。

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  1. Method of heat balance for electric arc furnace

  2. Application of plc in control system for large electrode arc furnace

  3. Brown fused alumina is made from high quality bauxite by fusing in an electric arc furnace at high temperature

  4. Paste products have broad applications, such as the electrode paste, which can be used as the electricity - conducting materal in the sumerging ? arc furnace for producing calcium carbide and ferroalloy, and the anode paste, which is used as the electriciyt - conducting anode in aluninum electrolysis cell

  5. Based on above studying, current regulation control system and the electrode of application matlab software for the dc arc furnace have been simulated