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  • arc: A. R. C. = American Red Cross 美國紅十字會。n. 1. 弧;弓形,拱(洞)。2. 電弧,弧光。
  • fusion: n. 1. 熔解,熔化;【物理學】(核)聚變,合成。2. 〈美國〉融合;(政黨等的)合併,聯合。

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  1. Trees with a natural fusion of branches or with curtain - like aerial roots

  2. Aliquots of cells were mixed 0. 15 % mg / ml fb - 28, and kept at 4c for 30min, fusion assays were conducted : fluorescence was measured immediately at regular time - points with fluorescence spectrophotometer with an excitation wave length of 560nm and emission wave length of 590nm. the percentages of membrane fusion was calculated. by monitoring fusion using the r18 assay, we found that the fluorescent brightener 28 influenced membrane fusion of virus and midgut epithelia cells

    此外,採用分子探針r18 (熒光標記物)標記病毒囊膜,體外分離中腸上皮細胞,將標記的病毒粒子與離體中腸上皮細胞混合后保溫,病毒吸附zh后,通過檢測熒光的變化來監測病毒粒子與上皮細胞的融合。
  3. This paper introduced the application of biotechnology in rice genetics and breeding, including tissue culture, cell mutants selection, protoplast fusion, apomixis, molecular mark assisted breeding and genic transformation

  4. By improving the conventional electric - arc fusion method, we have realized the splicing between two kinds of mofs and smf with relatively low splice losses. we have written fiber bragg gratings in grapefruit mof successfully. the multi - wavelength resonances are observed in the grating, and theoretical analysis shows that this phenomenon is caused by the resonances between core modes and cladding modes

  5. The main task of this paper concentrates on such parts as calibration of measurement sensor, high speed and accuracy image collection and processing, data fusion of different angle of view, visualization of measuring results. to accomplish sensor calibration, a pinhole model of the camera is employed and an equation of a light plane is setup. parameters such as the m array of the pinhole model and the normal vector of the light plane arc acquired through experiment. in image processing, we adopt the template - changing parallel thinning method to improve processing speed and accuracy