音標 ['ɑ:kitektʃə]
n. 名詞 1. 建築學。
2. 建築(樣式、風格);建築物。
3. 構造,結構;【自動化】(電子計算機的)架構,體系結構。


    1. In this paper, using the program ( epagpll ), the bored testing pile group of the chinese architecture science and research institute at luokou area are analysised. the comparisons among analytical results of four constitutive models of soil are made, and the deformation of piles and soil, the soil resistance of the piles, the friction beneath cap, the aclinic displacement of the ground soil before piles and the failure pattern of pile group are discussed in detail

    2. Both of the base architecture of ma system and the implementation of aglets, one of the most popular ma system developed with java language, are given in this section

      )本文在這部分給出了移動智能體支撐系統的基本體系結構,介紹了一種基於java的移動智能體系統實現? aglets 。
    3. A detailed study on that will certainly further our understandings on traditional culture and the historical and present values of the agrestic architecture

    4. They had very strong contacts and mutual influences with greece, anatolia and scythia. " scientists said the highly advanced artistry of the finds and architecture of the tombs made the thracians more sophisticated than was thought

    5. They are in turn : standards, methods and technical parameters of network device performance assessment ; the architecture of snmp ; design and realization of the antitype assessment system ; the process and result of the test with the antitype system

      論文依次闡述了網路設備性能測試的標準、方法和技術指標, snmp的協議體系,分散式測評系統的設計和實現,以及測評實驗的過程和結果分析。