architrave (used with dougong)中文意思是什麼

architrave (used with dougong)解釋

  • architrave: n. 【建築】1. 框緣。2. (柱的)下楣。3. (窗等的)嵌線。4. 額枋。
  • used: adj 1 習慣于〈作表語用〉。2 〈美國〉用過的,用舊了的,半舊的;精疲力盡的。vi 〈用法同助動詞,其後...
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  1. You can also scale line graphs with a similar approach to that used with a bar graph

  2. A term used with respect to graphic character to identify type or style ( bold face , an ocr face )

  3. When used with complemental antixygen jx - dltp, it has cooperative effect and has extensive uses

    本品與輔助抗氧劑jx - dltp並用時,具有協同效應,用途極為廣泛。
  4. Each allowable thing in an alternation pattern would have a constructor including, possibly, sequence types where quantifiers are used with the disjoins in the dtd

    交替模式中的每一個允許的事物都將有一個構造器(可能包括在與dtd中的分離一起使用的量詞處的序列類型) 。
  5. Higher ratios can be used with more exotic fuels.