aroma immunology中文意思是什麼

aroma immunology解釋

  • aroma: n. 1. 芳香,香味。2. 氣派,風格,風味。
  • immunology: n. 【醫學】免疫學。

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  1. One day on the tour, we visited a high mountain lake, and afterwards we had to descend some steps on the mountain that were very steep, and one of the older sisters suffered from acrophobia fear of heights. that day, she had used perfume with a very strong aroma, and one of the other sisters was allergic to the smell. it seems, however, that god had a special arrangement for them both

  2. Is a quality product from japan with rich pleasant aroma and a smooth satisfyingly aftertaste

  3. As with cookery, their product is consumed daily, leaving behind only a faint aroma.

  4. It is a burnt offering, an offering made by fire, an aroma pleasing to the lord

  5. Also during the book exhibition, a large outdoor informational seminar entitled " love and peaceful mind coffee hour " was held. as the fragrant aroma of coffee filled the air, participants listened to a live performance of heavenly music while video documentaries guided them through a history of supreme master ching hai s worldwide peace efforts

    書展期間也舉辦了一場愛與和平心靈tea party的大型戶外發表會,讓讀者能在咖啡飄香中,聆聽如天籟般悅耳的音樂現場演奏,並藉著影片共同進入清海無上師為和平奔走的歷史軌跡中。