aroma lamp中文意思是什麼

aroma lamp解釋

  • aroma: n. 1. 芳香,香味。2. 氣派,風格,風味。
  • lamp: n 1 燈。2 燈泡。3 電子管。4 (智慧等的)明燈;思想的指導。5 〈詩〉(明亮的)天體〈日、月、星〉。6...

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  1. Is a quality product from japan with rich pleasant aroma and a smooth satisfyingly aftertaste

  2. Daqu, a microbial product containing multiple enzymes and bacterial species, its aroma - producing substances mainly come from proteins and fat of daqu - making materials and the degradation of amylum and those substances are composed of amino acids, fatty acid, polyose and its polymers etc

  3. Light - exposure and light - and - water - exposure apparatus xenon - arc lamp type

  4. She got up without lighting the lamp, felt around in the armoire for an archaic revolver that no one had fired since the war of a thousand days, and located in the darkness not only the place where the door was but also the exact height of the lock

  5. The younger woman could almost smell the tantalizing aroma of purple lilacs.