aromaics reformer中文意思是什麼

aromaics reformer解釋

  • reformer: n. 改革者,革新者;〈R-〉宗教改革者;選舉法修正論者。

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  1. The reformer and ideologist zheng guanying was the exponential

  2. Many designers and operators require such paint on their secondary reformer shells.

  3. The work focuses on the idealistic reformer, carol kennecott ' s sad life in main street, a street of a typical american country town in the central prairie

    《大街》著重於刻畫卡洛爾.肯尼科,一名理想主義改革者在大街- - - -中部平原一個普通而具代表性的農村小鎮的一條街道上的悲傷生活。
  4. This workshop will heighten the understanding of core exercises on the reformer allowing you to achieve the ultimate goal - core strength

    這個工作坊將提高你對重組訓練器上核心訓練的理解,並且讓你實現最終目的? ?核心力量。
  5. Repairs to the refractory linings of the control heater and both reformers are needed. four of the 42 reformer auxiliary burners require repair, but the 168 sidewall burners are in reasonable condition

    必須對控制加熱器和兩個轉化爐的耐火材料襯里進行檢修。 42個輔助燃燒器中的4個需要檢修, 168個側墻燃燒器情況良好。