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  • artificer: n. 1. 技工;工匠。2. 【軍事】技術兵。3. 設計者,發明家。
  • armour: n. 1. 甲胄,盔甲。2. 鎧板;裝甲用鋼板。3. (動植物的)防護器官。4. 潛水服。5. 裝甲部隊。6. (覆蓋在電線外的)鎧裝。vt. 為…裝甲;為…穿上鎧甲。n. -ing 武裝;鎧裝。

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  1. There had been no crack in tynan's armour armor.

  2. Further, it gives us some armour against our colleagues, the seismic interpreters.

  3. Man is the artificer of his own happiness

    (人是自己幸福的創立者。 )
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  5. Armour liver often has eruptive popularity, basically cause through getting contaminative water or food, water of the well in be like a country is caused by pollution small - sized and eruptive, be in the cook of preclinical platoon virus, cooked food of pollution of deal with contact is eruptive and popular also common occurance ; also have give birth to the shellfish aquatic product that eats poison of catch a disease catch a disease to pollute to cause armour liver eruptive popularity, place of edible wool blood clam causes shanghai produces armour liver craze at the beginning of 1988