artificial chinese lacquer中文意思是什麼

artificial chinese lacquer解釋

  • artificial: adj 1 人工的,人造的;人為的 (opp natural)。2 摹擬的 (opp genuine real); 不自然的,矯揉造作的...
  • chinese: adj. 中國(人)的;中國(話)的。 the Chinese Wall 萬里長城。n. 〈sing. , pl. 〉 中國人;中國話,漢語。
  • lacquer: n. 1. (塗在金屬上的)漆。2. 真漆;(中國、日本等地產的)天然漆。3. 硝基漆,清噴漆。4. 漆器。vt. 在…上塗漆。

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    資產階級的勝利,市場經濟得以迅速發展,資產階級的大眾傳播業主完成了由過去不能追求、也沒有條件追求經濟利益而變成了主觀上努力追求,客觀條件上也能夠追求經濟利益的轉變,從而完成了大眾媒介最初的產業化過程。從中國大眾傳播媒介? ?報紙的產生,發展過程及其曲折等方面來論述,得出了大眾傳播媒介產業化的最根本動因就是利益和控制的互動,也就是說利益強時控制則弱化,當控制強時則利益弱化。三、中國大眾傳播媒介產業化進程和個體發展第一、在自身獲利慾望及外在獲利條件的雙重作用下,從1979年至1982發生了在報業的第一次辦報熱潮和發生在廣播業電視業的建臺熱。
  2. The effect of temperature on the reproduction laying eggs of the chinese alligator in an artificial hibernant environment during a deep hibernation is reported in this paper

  3. The vessel collection has more than 68, 000 pieces of bronze, porcelain, jade, lacquer, enamel, and other vessels. the porcelain collection is one of the most important sources for research of the history of chinese porcelain worldwide. among the paintings of the museum are chinese ink paintings, calligraphic works, fan paintings, and embroidery, more than 9, 000 pieces in total

  4. With exhibits dating from the neolithic period to the 20th century, the catalogue comprises ceramics - both chinese, in particular from guangdong and for export, and southeast asian ceramics - and other works of the decorative arts, including bronze, jade, lacquer, enamel and glassware, carved bamboo, wood, ivory and rhinoceros horn, as well as costumes, textiles and furniture. fashioned for use in everyday life, as ritual objects, as

  5. Highly polished, shiny chair for dining, relaxing and socialising with friends. chinese lacquer chair costs 5 credits