artware glaze中文意思是什麼

artware glaze解釋

  • artware: 工藝品
  • glaze: vt 1 鑲玻璃于,裝玻璃于。2 打光,擦亮;給…上釉;把…弄光滑。3 在(油漆物上)塗透明[半透明]色料。4 ...

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  1. The only decorated archway of glaze in beijing

  2. To get the black underglaze, the bisque was first coated with white slip with ornamental lines in black paint and then sharp tools were used to outline the patterns features. sometimes a whittling technique would be employed to expose the white bisque. the piece was subsequently coated with transparent glaze and fired in the kiln, thus creating a sharp contrast between the black and the white

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  5. [ b ] tip [ / b ] : coffee cake can be baked a day ahead. cool completely ; cover just before serving, drizzle with glaze ; garnish with almonds