ascending pulpitis中文意思是什麼

ascending pulpitis解釋

  • ascending: adj. 1. 上升的;向上的。2. 【植物;植物學】上向的;【解剖學】上行的。
  • pulpitis: 齒髓炎

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  1. Growth of pbi2 single crystal with ascending u type ampoule

  2. The sun was now ascending the sky.

  3. Arranged successively in ascending powers of hierarchical order, that of gardener, groundsman, cultivator, breeder, and at the zenith of his career, resident magistrate or justice of the peace with a family crest and coat of arms and appropriate classical motto semper paratus, duly recorded in the court directory bloom, leopold p., m. p., p. c., k. p., l. l. d. honoris cause, bloomville, dundrum and mentioned in court and fashionable intelligence mr and mrs leopold bloom have left kingstown for england

    按照越往上權利越大的等級制度順序,他曾經是園丁莊稼人耕作者牲畜繁殖家仕途的高峰是地方長官或治安推事。他擁有家徽和盾形紋章以及與之相稱的拉丁文家訓時刻準備著,他的名字正式記載于宮廷人名錄252中布盧姆,利奧波德保,下院議員,樞密顧問官,聖巴特里克勛級爵士253 ,名譽法學博士。
  4. You cannot work with the vibrations of ascension day in and day out without ascending yourself

  5. Based on the analysis of thermal contact metamorphic aureoles, granitoid interior structure, quartz axis fabric and strain characters in the different rock unites of yuanshishan granitoid and its wall rocks, the emplacement mechanism of yanshishan granitoid was studied. the magmatic explictite dynamic was advanced in light of regional stress and magma dynamic research. those conclusion was synthesized to ascertain the emplacement mechanism - granitic magma ascended in dikes with the minimum critical width of the magma ascending channels about 2. 213. 88m and located in the core of yindianshan dome with the passive style of dyke explictite ; the later unite is a kind of multiple emplacement mechanism with the character of active emplacement of ballooning

    同時運用巖漿動力學原理從另一個角度探討其侵位驅動力。綜上指出:經分凝后的活動性巖漿在深部側向擠壓和浮力的聯合驅動下,沿深大斷裂以最小臨界寬度為2 . 213 . 88m的裂隙脈動上侵,整體以巖墻擴展的方式被動定位於銀殿山穹窿的核部,但後期屋面前單元具有主動侵位的特點應為一種復合定位機制。