assets account中文意思是什麼

assets account解釋

  • assets: (資產):企業所擁有的資源。
  • account: n 1 計算;賬;賬目;賬戶;計算書,賬單;報告書,報表。2 說明,解釋;記事,故事。3 理由,原因。4 ...

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  1. Capital assets account

  2. Article 34 when audit institutions conduct audit, the auditees shall not transfer, conceal, falsify or destroy their accounting documents, account books, accounting statements or other information relating to their budgetary revenues and expenditures or financial revenues and expenditures, and shall not transfer or conceal the assets that are in their possession but obtained in violation of the regulations of the state

  3. The balance sheet and the profit and loss account can be used to assess how efficiently a company ~ s its assets

  4. “ capital account transactions ” refer to the increase and decrease of assets and liabilities in the balance of payments as a result of the inflow and outflow of capital , including direct investment , loans and portfolio investment etc

    七) 「資本項目」是指國際收支中因資本輸出和輸入而產生的資產與負債的增減項目,包括直接投資、各類貸款、證券投資等。
  5. The values of all assets are to be recorded at a historical costs at the time of acquisition. the amount recorded in books of account shall not be adjusted even though a fluctuation in their value may occur, except when state laws or regulations require specific treatment or adjustments